Saturday, January 20, 2007

Up until now

I am starting this blog in an attempt to organize my crochet projects for myself and for others who are interested. Up until this point, I had been posting my projects intermingled with other posts on my personal blog. I am not sure I expected this "hobby" to become such an important part of my life. Here is the back log of projects that I have done in order of when they were completed (most recent ones last). Expect more from me in the future.

My interpretation of the Bucket Hat|Beppy Cat

Lamb for my friend's 1/2 birthday

Fit to be Tied|Happy Hooker

Fat Bottom|Happy Hooker

Cupcake|Happy Hooker

Short 'n Sweet|Happy Hooker

My own interpretation of if Short 'n Sweet and Sweet Pea from Happy Hooker had a baby

Hat for my sister (earflaps modified from a coaster pattern)

Hat for my other sister

Hat made from Bling Bling Sassy Sparkle

Irish Mist Stole|Amazing Crochet Lace by Doris Chan


Briana said...

You finished your scarf. I love it!!!

christina said...

oh gosh! I love them all! I think my favorite is the little gray clutch with a bow. It's AWESOME!!

Anonymous said...

wow you have been busy if you first made that one little purse and then you went all out! i love the modified sweetpea! great job on all your stuff.


Fia said...

Actually, these are projects that I made over the past year. I just started the blog recently and decided to start the blog with pictures of my past work before I start posting new projects.